STAR Family Support Specialist

The STAR Family Support Specialist responds to service requests within 24 hours with crisis intervention to stabilize circumstances of family conflict, school attendance issues and incidents of running away. Provide in-home or in-community assessment and family preservation services, including individual and family sessions, limited case management and skills-based interventions. Prepare and submit all required documentation and reports in a timely manner. The job requires sensitivity to the service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics. This position will require travel throughout Parker and Palo Pinto Counties

Key Expectations/Responsibilities:

Service Delivery:

  • Follow STAR and agency intake procedure.
  • Utilize Motivational Interviewing, TBRI®, Seeking Safety and facilitate skills-based groups.
  • Provide any and all of the following STAR core service components:
    • Initial intake sessions
    • Family short-term sessions
    • Youth short-term sessions
    • Parent skills training
    • Youth skills training
    • Coordination for emergency shelter care services for current clients
  • Provide expedient collaborative crisis intervention as assigned throughout contract service area:
  • Provide crisis curriculum-based intervention sessions with individuals and families.
  • STAR Family Support Specialists work in collaboration with the STAR Counselors, STAR Skills Training Coordinator, , Safe Place Coordinator, AIRS Department, ACH Youth Emergency Shelter, sheriff, police, emergency medical services, Child Protective Services, and other protective and regulatory agencies as needed to assist youth and families in crisis.
  • Comply with the required number of weekly scheduled sessions.
  • Fulfill billing requirements.
  • Case management as needed
  • Maintain cultural competence and attend trainings to be equipped to work with a culturally diverse population.
  • Offer services after normal business hours, on holidays, and during assigned on-call rotation.
  • Maintain necessary documentation and files to fulfill STAR and agency requirements.
  • Teach and facilitate curriculum-based individual and/or group sessions, in accordance with established evidence-based program curriculums provided by the agency, as assigned at sites throughout the contract service area.
  • This position will require travel throughout Parker and Palo Pinto Counties
  • Undertake and complete other tasks as assigned.

Community Relations:

  • Increase the utilization of STAR services through the promotion of the program throughout the community.
  • Build and maintain a positive collaborative relationship with local youth services, criminal justice, educational and social service agencies.
  • Give presentations to schools and organizations as needed.

Training and Supervision:

  • Attend all trainings and participate in all supervision activities deemed appropriate to meet requirements of STAR.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Maintain up-to-date client records.
  • Adhere to all agency and contractual requirements for case notes, STAR Action Plans, pre- and post-surveys, consumer satisfaction surveys and all other documentation as indicated by the program or as directed.
  • Accurately complete documentation and satisfy billing requirements in a timely manner.

Functional Requirements:

Provide stabilizing, short-term crisis intervention, evidence-based individual and family sessions, evidence-based parenting skills groups and evidence-based program group facilitation to youth and their families in designated counties. Promote the agency and STAR Program and advocate for the family in professional collaborations throughout the community. Provide successful outcomes within the prescribed time periods for treatment. Provide community intervention and skills-based sessions and/or case management to youth and their families in designated counties. Serve as a professional contact in the community. Follow policies and procedures of ACH and represent the agency in a positive and professional manner.

Working Conditions:

Exposure to children with behavior problems, including possible physical aggression. Exposure to illness and blood. Risks inherent in traveling into unfamiliar neighborhoods to provide class instruction or services in family homes, schools, and other designated locations.

Exposure to Confidential Information:

Maintain confidentiality and follow policies related to personnel and client records.

Experience Required
  • A minimum of one year experience working with at-risk youth, providing crisis intervention, intake and assessment and case management is required.
Education Preferred
  • Bachelors or better in Human Services or related field
Skills Preferred
  • Bilingual