Social Media/PR Associate

$15 Hourly

Employment Type

In today’s world, everyone is looking for information to make better decisions. PR used to help people/companies who wanted visibility obtains it in many ways, e.g. working with journalists, speaking at conferences etc. Today, social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) makes it even easier. Learn how to be a Public Relations expert
Age Brilliantly: This community enables people to make better aging-related decisions to live more fulfilling lives (to 100 ). Our platform invites people, experts and providers of services to partner to help the members. Our goal is to invite more providers, members and experts to join the community. (See website to appreciate how we do this.)

Job Responsibilities:
You will be monitoring HAROs, reach out to reporters and look for events for us to speak. As a Social Media/PR Associate, your role is to develop PR marketing plans then execute it.

Your Skills and Interests:
· Drive social media growth and engagement
· Engage with reporters to publicize Age Brilliantly
· Have excellent communication skills
· Familiar with social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, IG and YouTube
· Have an outgoing personality and love talking/meeting new people
· Understand show to attract new members and drive engagement

In your resume & cover letter:
· Describe examples where you’ve done these kinds of this
· Tell us how you measure success
· Tell us what your career goal is
· Tell us what you’d like to learn from this internship
· If we can take only person, why should we choose you?
· Attach a writing sample to show you can be persuasive and concise

Job Type: Full-time