Scientist, Gene Editing and Application

At Arbor Biotechnologies, we are building cutting edge gene editing technologies for applications in mammalian cells. We are looking for a Scientist, Gene Editing and Application to join our team working on CRISPR associated transposases . Our laboratory uses a diverse set of techniques, from molecular biology to mammalian cell culture, to build scalable gene editing platforms in mammalian cells. The ideal candidate will have significant mammalian research experience, excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, a strong desire to learn, and the ability and self-motivation to work independently.

Opportunities in this role :
  • Adapt your familiarity with a number of cell culture techniques, such as transfection, electroporation, viral transduction, stable line generation to shape the scope and direction of projects critical to Arbor’s success
  • Perform molecular biology processes, including RNA/DNA/protein extraction from cells, purification, PCR, cloning with autonomy and the support of a great team
  • Expand and use your familiarity with scripting languages (Python, Bash, etc.) and computer science coursework
  • Apply your innovative nature and curiosity to participate in new technology evaluation, development, and implementation
  • Continue to develop your scientific fundamentals through documenting, compiling, and analyzing experimental data
  • Communicate results at team meetings, contribute to project and experiment planning
  • Develop and maintain protocols, operational processes, and best practices all in a start up environment that will give you insight and input to company and scientific strategy at the highest levels.
  • PhD in molecular/cellular biology, chemistry, or a related field with relevant and demonstrated experience. Candidates with advanced degrees and extensive equivalent experience also encouraged to apply.
  • Previous laboratory experience with strong knowledge of molecular biology, molecular cloning and mammalian cell culture required.
  • Previous laboratory experience with viral vector work such as lentivirus, AAV
  • Strong work ethic and motivation with attention to detail and a meticulous nature
Preferred qualifications:
  • Knowledge of design and execution of standard techniques in mammalian cells
  • Familiarity with scripting languages (Python, Bash, etc.)
  • Previous experience with gene editing systems
  • Experience with NGS sequencing and analysis as well as experience identifying off-targets is preferred
About Arbor:
Arbor Biotechnologies [] is a venture-backed startup based in Cambridge, MA, composed of a small team of scientists and engineers pushing the boundaries of discovery at the intersection of computer science and biotechnology. Using our diverse backgrounds ranging from machine learning to genome engineering to protein biochemistry, we are building a platform to uncover and characterize nature’s inventions on an unprecedented scale to generate impactful applications in human health and sustainability.

We seek highly-motivated individuals with the dedication, integrity, and creative spirit needed to thrive in an innovative company. Working at Arbor offers a unique opportunity that combines the fast pace and growth opportunities of a startup with the intellectual rigor and creativity of academia. Our salaries are competitive, our benefits are generous, and our team is exceptional.

Arbor Biotechnologies is proud to be an inclusive workplace and an Equal Opportunity Employer.