Regular Babysitter for 1 Child

Looking for someone to assist with my 10 y/o special needs daughter after school 2-3 days a week, with the possibility of additional hours when there is no school. She is mobility impaired and uses a wheelchair or crawls around the house, some assistance with transferring will be needed but she is small for her age. She will likely spend the time, coloring, building puzzles, etc… I will be in the home for the majority of the time so will be available if there are any difficulties. This position is ideal for a Nursing or Special Ed.

college student who is looking for flexibility and relevant work experience. I am able to be flexible with changing schedules based on a new semester's work load, and if time off is needed in preparation for exams. Because of her condition the position is paid through the State's medicaid waiver program, the basic requirements are 18 , legally able to work in States, and pass a basic background check. Contact me for more details or to meet us.