Community Facilitator

Positive Behavior Steps is looking to hire a Community Facilitator (Entry Level).

Classification: Employee
Probationary Period: Six months
Reports To: Program Director of Community Integration and Manager
Location: San Gabriel Valley, CA.
Work Hours: Part-time (The program operates after school hours, on Saturdays and Sundays, and during school breaks)
Pay Scale: $15-$17 hourly depends on experience

Positive Behavior Steps Community Facilitators provide support and training to developmentally disabled children and adolescents with structured and well-planned services to assist individuals in achieving maximum autonomy and success in all areas related to their lives. Services take place in public settings within a maximum 7-mile radius of the client’s home and include teaching how to do community tasks, socialization with other peers, and improvement with other social behaviors.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • 100% Community Program, not in-home service
  • Responsible for fulfilling all assigned hours as assigned
  • Execute programs during direct hours in the community
  • Will work with Individuals with challenging behaviors
  • Will follow Program Director’s or Manager suggestions on implementing the company’s program model
  • Delivers services as directed by his/her Program Director or Manager
  • Documents and provides tracking data to Program Director or Manager
  • Communicates with family members and with Program Director or Manager
  • Teach Individual community skills
  • Teach the importance of being a participant and contributor of their local community
  • Teach self-advocacy skills as it pertains to accessing community
  • Teach self-help skills as it pertains to accessing community
  • Teach community safety awareness skills
  • Teach social/emotional skills as it pertains to accessing community
  • Teach pre-vocational and vocational skills (interpersonal skills, communication skills, developing flexibility, and personal appearance)
  • Be flexible, adaptable to client’s needs
  • Client will ride in Community Facilitator’s car
  • Participates in all required ongoing training, supervision hours and meetings
  • Participate in Case Conferencing with Program Director or Manager
  • Contribute in writing reports with Program Director or Manager
  • Will take data for each session and write session notes to monitor progress
  • Will assist to recommend goals
  • Will contribute in program development
  • Connect client with resources in the community
Minimum Qualification:
  • Entry Level
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Preferred BA in Psychology, Sociology, Education
  • Current college students studying in the field of social sciences with 1-year experience working with developmental disabilities
  • Candidates must demonstrate patience, encouragement behaviors and compassion.
  • Candidates must also be willing in engage in outdoor activities or other social environments with client
  • CPR/First Aid
  • CPI or Safety Care Certification
  • Microsoft Office
  • Must have a car and show proof of auto insurance
  • Must be able to work evenings or on weekends

About Positive Behavior Steps

Positive Behavior Steps was formed in response to help our communities. In the field of developmental disabilities, persons with developmental disabilities or mental health are affected in the ability to gain access to the resources in the community to live independently. In other cases, families are overwhelmed with the tremendous responsibility of raising a child with limited skills. As an organization, we strongly believe that everyone who has a developmental disability or mental health is part of our community and can be an active participant. We advocate for our consumers and their families to have access to the same resources and opportunities that everyone else have.