Bioprocess Scientist

Corteva Agriscience is seeking to hire a Bioprocess Scientist. The Scientist is responsible for developing methods to understand business critical microbiological systems and metabolic pathways. Scientist is also needed to develop novel approaches to increase valuable primary and secondary metabolites & solve other priority technical challenges as they arise. Role may also support scale-up and/or proof-of-concepting of new natural products & technology applications as appropriate.

The main purpose of this job is to reveal the foundational scientific understanding of high-value biological/bioprocess technical challenges facing Corteva and use that knowledge to develop innovative approaches to meet business goals.

Opportunities may include:
  • Understand key bottlenecks in metabolic pathways for valuable microbially derived products to drive improved production and lower cost.
  • identify new opportunities to improve the biological systems used to produce our crop protection products.
  • Elucidate critical inhibition or cytotoxic mechanisms of valuable biomolecules on their production and develop methods to relieve/prevent.
  • Support expansion and use of cell-free systems to rapidly assess hypotheses to key challenges.
  • Leverage protein expression & purification skills to support challenging POCs for trait selection
Primary responsibilities expected from this role are as follows:
  • Develop skills & techniques to understand, identify and test innovative solutions for key BBRD & business technical challenges. Immediate needs are for spinosyns insecticides & Inatreq fungicide.
  • Leverage protein expression & purification expertise for difficult challenges facing key partners on early-stage/proof-of-concept development projects.
  • Deliver high quality science: clear & justified hypotheses, efficient experimentation, rigorous data analysis, factual & concise documentation and an openness to engage in scientific debate.
  • Stay current to the state-of-the-science through continuous literature research & appropriate conference/external engagement.
  • Effectively collaborate internally/externally, and with stakeholders or team members that vary geographically, culturally, and stylistically.
  • Communicate work by preparing and presenting proposals and progress updates to various technical, leadership and business teams
  • Establish and maintain strong internal and external networks especially with natural products discovery for potential novel molecule discovery, expression, or scale-up.

  • Masters in Biology, Microbiology, Chemical/Biological Eng. or related field.
  • Strong Technical Knowledge in biochemistry, microbial physiology, metabolic engineering, basic fermentation, bio-separations, protein expression & purification, and cell-free expression systems.
  • Ability to measure influx/efflux/accumulation of metabolites (and other -omics techniques).
  • Cell-free expression system application.
  • Protein Expression: cloning, transformation, characterization & assays.
  • Bio-separations: Chromatography (IEC, HIC, IMAC, SEC), extraction, TFF, others
  • Excellent verbal, written, & scientific documentation skills.
  • Highly organized with excellent project management skills to be adept with shifting needs and priorities