Attendance Specialist-Lake Washington HS

    • Position Type:
      Professional & Technical Staff/Attendance Specialist
    • Date Posted:
    • Location:
      Lake Washington High School

    • Description:
      Professional- Technical Level 2
      185 days working calendar
      8.0 hours per day
      Shift:TBD at this time. Shift is subject to change.
      Salary: $32.95/hour

      Job Summary:
      The job of Attendance Specialist is done for the purpose/s of advocating for the individual needs of all at-risk students who are not in compliance with the Becca Bill; assisting school personnel in providing possible interventions and counseling for identified students; providing information about community resources to students, parents, families and staff; acting as a liaison between the school, home and court system; representing the District in King County Juvenile Court and documenting and providing reliable information that is used in a court of law, ensuring compliance with the Becca Bill and all other court orders.